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Exercises for Seniors with Dementia: Why It’s Important

Active movements benefit everyone, but they can be essential for seniors living with dementia. Exercise has many physical and mental benefits for those living with dementia, including:

  • Improved memory
  • Better sleep
  • Higher energy levels
  • A decrease in symptoms of depression

Families looking for Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Aurora or South Denver should consider the exercise and activity programs when touring potential memory care communities. A vibrant focus on movement can potentially increase the quality of life.

Belleview Suites at DTC proudly provides residents with some of the best memory care Denver has to offer. We promote an active and secure environment that brings purpose and meaning. Read on as we explore the importance of exercise for seniors with dementia and discuss some activities that can help them stay active.

The Benefits of Exercise

Physical activity helps keep the brain active by stimulating nerve cells in the brain responsible for learning. Exercise is an essential component of a process called neuroplasticity. The brain is dynamic, and plasticity refers to the ability to develop new neural connections.

Exercise is not the only factor of neuroplasticity. Helping the brain reinvigorate also involves:

  • Play
  • Brain challenges
  • Good sleep
  • Socialization
  • Creativity

An activity like dancing promotes all of the features listed above. Releasing energy throughout the day may lead to better sleep patterns. People with dementia can also benefit from senior citizen exercise classes or a walk with a family caregiver.

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The Connections program for memory care promotes many of these activities through a highly structured activity program. The resident’s daily life is fun and social but also packed with data-based care. In addition to helping repair the brain, regular exercise can also:

  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Reduce heart disease or stroke
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Boost mood and self-esteem

Exercises for People With Dementia

Home caregivers can focus on low-impact, easy activities for people with dementia. The recommended activity level for seniors is 150 minutes a week. However, some movement is always better than none. Here are a few ideas:

  • Walking is a great way to get moving without putting too much strain on the body. Consider walking in places that may remind the senior of fond memories.
  • Yoga and gentle stretching can help improve flexibility and strength. These movements are also calming and uplifting.
  • Dancing is fun and energizing. It’s an excellent way to help stimulate memory recall. Add the loved one’s favorite music to make it more enjoyable.
  • Swimming is an excellent full-body workout. Water is soothing, calming, and easy on the joints.
  • Gardening and digging in the dirt help build strength and dexterity. Participants also get to enjoy nature’s beauty.
  • Music therapy encourages movement, which stimulates memory recall. Singing along can be fun as well. Programs like SingFit are used in many memory care communities, including Belleview Suites at DTC.

Many exercises can be done at home or in a senior recreation center. However, it can be challenging to provide a loved one with an engaging activity program on top of providing other forms of support.

Alzheimer’s care communities like Belleview Suites at DTC are helping Aurora families find a balance.

When Should A Person With Dementia Go Into A Care Home?

Deciding when a loved one should go into a care home is incredibly difficult and requires thorough consideration.

Everyone’s journey with Alzheimer’s or dementia is different. While family members can provide basic care during the early stages of memory loss, eventually, these needs can exceed what can be done with home support.

It may be time to seek dementia care if the person is struggling with their daily tasks, such as:

  • Eating meals
  • Taking medications
  • Managing personal hygiene

Sudden changes in behavior, confusion, and difficulty communicating may also be signs to consider memory care services. People who are lonely or socially isolated have the potential to progress through the stages of dementia faster.

The caregiver must also take their physical and mental health into question. Caregiver burnout is a very real and common issue. Caretakers who cannot care for themselves will provide subpar support to a loved one.

The best way to determine if memory care is the right step is by consulting with an expert who can evaluate the individual’s needs and identify the most suitable course of action:

  • Primary care provider or specialist
  • Leaders in local support groups
  • Memory care experts at Belleview Suites at DTC

Discover Data-Based Dementia Care for Aurora Families

The Connections program at Belleview Suites at DTC offers a powerful opportunity for seniors to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits active. The principles of neuroplasticity, activities, and socialization help create an optimal living experience.

Dr. Sandra Petersen started our data-based memory care program. Over ten years ago, she used these concepts to recover her memory and mobility following a stroke. Dr. Petersen is now using these ideas to give people with dementia a higher quality of life.

Connections provides specialized assistance that puts family members’ minds at ease while empowering loved ones to find meaning and purpose.

“Belleview Suites took amazing care of my mom in their memory care community. They were always caring, attentive, and approachable. Mom was difficult at times, and they quickly adjusted her care to match her rapidly changing needs. They really listened to her and us and provided excellent and loving care. I’m so glad we chose this community.” – Family Member Google Review


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The dementia care specialists at Belleview Suites at DTC would love to show your family the difference of data-based memory care. Contact us to arrange a tour.

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