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Maintaining Independence: Houston Elderly Care Programs In Assisted Living and Memory Care

The goal of retirement should be enjoying it for as long as possible. Maximizing a senior’s independent lifestyle is possible, especially when they receive assistance in essential areas that get harder as we age.

What is elderly care?

Elderly care or eldercare refers to senior living situations of all kinds:

  • An assisted living and memory care community
  • In-home care service
  • Nursing homes and hospice care

Any type of care that fulfills the needs of seniors can be considered eldercare. The costs and services of these options can vary quite a bit. If you’re curious about maximizing independence, let’s explore how a move to assisted living and memory care can benefit.

How does assisted living extend independence?

Assisted living gives seniors the confidence to enjoy their day however they see fit. By removing daily hassles and chores, residents experience a higher quality of life.

Caring team members provide activities of daily living (ADLs) assistance in essential areas of people’s lives. There are two categories of ADLs:

Basic: Transfer assistance, bathing, grooming, feeding, personal hygiene

Instrumental: Medication management, preparing food, transportation, housekeeping, and laundry

At communities like The Farrington at Tanglewood in Houston, TX, basic ADLs are determined by personalized care plans. Residents only receive assistance with the tasks they require.

Instrumental ADLs are services all residents receive. They’re the tasks that remove hassles from seniors’ lives.

Services like medication management mean no more worrying about when to take prescriptions. Our culinary team prepares three meals and snacks every day. That means you’ll always have access to nutritionally delicious food. Our dedicated team members are here to serve you.

Residents can live longer and stronger lives by eliminating routine tasks common to injuries in the elderly. Friendly team members are always around to change a lightbulb or vacuum a hard-to-reach area.

Scheduled transportation gives seniors the freedom to run errands, enjoy lunch with friends, and get to doctors’ appointments as needed.

Reducing tasks from seniors’ lives can provide an extra layer of comfort and extend their independence.

What about activity level?

We’re glad you asked! The Farrington at Tanglewood is an active assisted living and memory care community. We offer plenty of ways to stay busy physically and socially.

Doctors recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week for everyone, older adults included. Here are a few ways our seniors hit their weekly goal:

Research from Harvard Medical School suggests that activity levels are higher in seniors who are more social. Meeting up with friends means getting out of the chair and going somewhere. Residents are free to participate in as many of our activities as they want.

An active social life is a gateway to healthier and longer independent living. In addition to increasing joy, socially involved seniors experience:

  • Reduced risk of dementia
  • A reduction in mental health problems like anxiety and depression
  • Less stress
  • Lower blood pressure

The Farrington at Tanglewood offers a complete activities calendar to get people mingling and having fun. Some of our activities include:

The Farrington at Tanglewood | Happy senior women having coffee
Yakobchuk Olena –

How does memory care extend independence?

Having assisted living and memory care under the same roof gives seniors the opportunity to age in place. Should a loved one need Alzheimer’s or dementia care in the future, they’ll be in a familiar environment to receive assistance specific to their needs.

Memory care involves many of the same services and amenities as assisted living. The main difference is a secure environment, specialized team members, and the Connections Program.

Connections is a data-based program created by Pegasus Senior Living Health and Wellness Director, Dr. Sandra Petersen. Her idea of using neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to adapt) in dementia care stemmed from the treatments that helped her overcome memory and mobility loss following a stroke.

People with dementia experience independent living at their own pace in memory care. The secure and spacious neighborhood gives residents freedom. They can leave their apartment to join in fun games, chat with friends, and eat brain-healthy meals.

When to move from assisted living to memory care

If a loved one is already in assisted living, the transition to memory care is a lot easier. If wandering or sundowning occurs, families can gain peace of mind knowing their loved one is living in a secure environment.

The Connections Program slows down memory loss by using purposeful activities to create new neural connections around damaged brain sections. Moving your loved one into this program can be beneficial as soon as the forms of dementia begin to appear.

If someone experiencing memory loss dementia is withdrawing from social situations, Connections activities can help reignite their activity level.

If your loved one starts experiencing personality changes, our memory care team members receive specialized training to handle their care and ADLs.


Find Assisted Living and Memory Care to Maximize Independence in Houston

Elderly care should be easy to find and discuss. Contact The Farrington at Tanglewood to talk about assisted living or memory care options for you or a loved one. We’re here to answer questions and offer tours of how our services can extend independence.

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