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How Do I Know When It Is Time for Memory Care?

Recognizing Early Signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia in Your Loved Ones

Although everyone is forgetful at times, some memory lapses and their consequences may signal a medical condition that requires specialized care.

Why should I look out for signs of age-related cognitive disorders in my senior family members?

Dementia, which is a general yet significant and diagnosable decline in memory, affects over 40 million people across the world; it is mainly caused by Alzheimer’s, a specific neurodegenerative disease. Since you likely know someone who has been impacted by these conditions or will in the future, it is important to know when to find qualified help. Below are several common questions to ask yourself when considering your options.

Is your loved one unsafe while living alone?

Your loved one may become increasingly unable to maintain their health, which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. For instance, look out for unexplained weight loss or bruising from falls, since many people with Alzheimer’s and dementia often find it difficult to take care of themselves or walk without assistance. They may also forget to take important medications or neglect personal hygiene.

As a well-equipped senior living community that also offers assisted living in Denver, Colorado, Belleview Suites at DTC provides a secure environment through its Connections Memory Care Program that assists residents with daily activities, continually monitors their healthcare statuses, and carefully manages their medications. We also serve a healthy diet. For instance, residents eat plant-centered food and hydrating beverages for breakfast, nutritious fruits and vegetables along with water throughout the day, and other brain-supporting foods for lunch and dinner such as seafood and meat.

Our licensed nurse is able to meet most of their healthcare needs, and if emergencies arise, we offer ambulation and escort services.

Does he or she have trouble managing everyday responsibilities? 

Alzheimer’s is especially known for interfering with short-term and procedural memory. If you notice that your loved one remembers numerous events from the past but continually forgets to pay bills or cannot find their way to familiar locations, we recommend that you investigate what is causing these changes with the help of medical professionals. If your family member already has a formal diagnosis, his or her doctor will likely recommend memory care as a helpful option.

Due to Belleview’s personal check-ins throughout the day and help with chores, residents and their families can remain confident that they will not forgo any important tasks. 

How is my senior’s social life and mental health?

People with memory loss also commonly have trouble following conversations or finding the right words to say, which may lead them to withdraw from everyday social activities they had once enjoyed. The feelings of isolation this causes are often compounded by mood changes that occur due to Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

Seniors experiencing memory loss may isolate themselves from fun activities and celebrations in which they had previously taken part and enjoyed.

Since we strive to help our memory care residents feel happy and fulfilled, our Denver team offers behavior tracking and management in addition to lively group activities created specifically for those with memory loss. One of our residents’ favorite activities is SingFit, a signature program that combines music with movement to achieve proven therapeutic benefits. We also help them practice boxing and other fitness programs under careful supervision. Regardless of how our residents participate, they are all part of an engaging community.

Facing the realities of memory loss in someone you love can be challenging. However, we are here to transform the perception of Alzheimer’s and dementia through our enjoyable and supportive Connections Memory Care Program that provides a high standard of care and increased quality of life. Our holistic environment is filled with peaceful sounds, pleasant aromas, and a passionate team who adapts its approach to individual residents, helping them to feel appreciated and valued.


Are you considering a high level of care for your loved one? Please contact a specially-trained memory care associate today to learn more about our outstanding options. 

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