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Pegasus Senior Living | Nurses week

Meet Pegasus Senior Living Heroes: Celebrating Nurses Week

What is National Nurses Week? Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12, is known as International Nurses Day. In the United States, the week leading up to …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Group of seniors holding exercises mats with their fists int he air

How To Enjoy The Five Stages of Retirement

Retirement is an experience people have to grow into and adapt as needed. You can research and make plans, but you’ll never know the outcome …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Senior man looking forward to better days ahead

The Best Days Are Yet To Come

How Senior Living Can Help You Enjoy Your Retirement Years You’ve been looking forward to retirement for years, and for good reason. This is a …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Senior couple smiling outdoors

A Doctor’s View: What is A Retirement Home?

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandra Petersen, and I’m the Senior VP of Health and Wellness for Pegasus Senior Living. One of my most significant accomplishments is …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Senior womans daughter bring her flowers and a small gift

Springtime Brings Renewal, Promise, and Wellness

Spring always seems to bring with it a sense of rebirth, growth, and excitement. It’s a time when the flowers are blooming, the world looks …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Senior woman getting a hug from her caregiver

Dr. Sandra Petersen Shares the Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

We sat down with memory care expert, Pegasus Senior VP of Health and Wellness Dr. Sandra Petersen, to understand more about the signs of Alzheimer’s. …

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