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Pegasus Senior Living Honors Our Associates Who Show True Dedication

Seniors choose Pegasus Senior Living to join a community that feels like home. This feeling comes from the dedication of local associates across the entire country. We cannot thank them enough.

Our services range from independent living, assisted living and memory care. Residents enjoy three seasonal meals per day, complete fitness goals, attend endless activities and find plenty of time to bask in the many amenities our communities provide.

All of this is possible thanks to a team of devoted associates. From culinary to concierge, housekeeping to health and wellness, our partnership with these local heroes ensures our residents live their best lives.

As we celebrate Labor Day, we recognize the associates who have provided care and services to Pegasus Senior Living residents over the past decade and beyond.

What services does Pegasus Senior Living provide?

Enjoy the freedom of your retirement years with independent living through the following amenities Pegasus communities often provide:

  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Daily meals in the dining room or the opportunity to prepare meals in your kitchen
  • Regular health care access
  • Transportation services to appointments and entertainment
  • Home maintenance, including laundry services, housekeeping and more

Assisted living provides our residents with personalized care services that enable them to continue living independently. Below are several features our assisted living residents typically enjoy:

  • 24-hour support
  • Licensed nurse
  • Activities of daily living: bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Medication management
  • On-site rehabilitation services
  • Ongoing monitoring of health

Memory care provides a secure and engaging environment for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our Connections Memory Care program generally includes:

  • Brain healthy activities
  • Personalized activity schedule
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Purposeful living

Who are we celebrating?

Because we have many tenured employees in 38 communities across 12 states, we are showing them plenty of gratitude.

Pegasus Senior Living | Tha at The Oaks at Inglewood “This was never my career path,” says Tha Chay-Phann, Business Office Director at The Oaks at Inglewood. “I always imagined myself working at a hospital helping others. I started here short-term and fell in love with the residents and community. Almost 15 years later, here I am still doing what I love: Working with seniors.”

The Oaks at Inglewood’s Life Enrichment Director, Nita Iv, joins her with over 15 years of service as well.

Pegasus Senior Living | Nita at The Oaks at Inglewood She says, “Getting up for work is easy knowing I can make a positive impact in the community. It gives me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of seniors and make a tremendous difference in their quality of life.”

At Historic Roswell Place in Georgia, seven associates combined have over 90 years of Pegasus excellence:

Pegasus Senior Living | Pam at Historic Roswell Place
Pamela Whittaker, Concierge, 10 years
Pegasus Senior Living | Stacy at Historic Roswell Place
Stacy Wright, Med Tech, 10 years
Pegasus Senior Living | Isabela at Historic Roswell Place
Isabela Gwede, Med Tech, 10 years
Pegasus Senior Living | Catherine at Historic Roswell Place
Catherine Kimani, Lead Care Partner, 13 years
Pegasus Senior Living | Brian at Historic Roswell Place
Brian Rwaka, Dining Partner, 15 years
Pegasus Senior Living | Lisa at Historic Roswell Place
Lisa Crumbley, Life Enrichment Director, 21 years

Not pictured: Vonda Stoudt, Life Enrichment/Care/Dining/Housekeeping Partner, 11 years

Down the road at Magnolia Place of Roswell, a team of women embodies dedication, leadership and commitment to the care of our residents:

  • Veronica Mweetwa, 11 years
  • Aicha Qessou, Dining Services Partner, 13 years
  • Paula Erhunmwunse, Housekeeper, 15 years
  • Nancy Johnson, Health & Wellness Coordinator, 19 years
  • Rita Stevenson, Dining Services Partner, 20 years

They are multi-faceted and multicultural women who fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities in the community. They chose to dedicate themselves to senior living to accomplish a higher purpose and calling. We couldn’t be happier for them.

Is there an opportunity for growth at Pegasus Senior Living?

In Nevada, communities like The Chateau at Gardnerville are full of success stories of people who promote our local and passionate care ethos.

Katie Nichols started there 11 years ago. Beginning in health and wellness, she is now the Executive Director.

Jessica Maidlow started as a care associate 13 years ago. After taking time off and going to school for marketing, she returned to become the Sales Director:

Pegasus Senior Living | Jessica Maidlow at The Chateau at Gardnerville “This community gives me a great purpose in life. I get to be around such amazing people who have built this world as we know it. I am so humbled by them every day, and they teach me how special life really is.”

Also with 13 years of experience at the community, Jessica Imelli arrived as a care associate and is now the Assistant Executive Director.

Pegasus Senior Living | Jessica Imelli at The Chateau at Gardnerville “I enjoy connecting with our residents and families, and making a difference in their lives,” she explains.

We congratulate our partners on the culinary team as well. Edith has been a favorite in the dining room for 18 years, and residents stay full thanks to Debbie’s decade of cooking.

Why do associates love their careers at Pegasus Senior Living?

Pegasus Senior Living | Hector at Sun City West “It’s a fun community,” says cook of 22 years, Hector Vargas. “I enjoy the smiles on their faces when I prepare a delicious meal. It’s always all about the bond we have I cherish.”

The community to which Vargas refers is Sun City West Assisted Living in Arizona. Their community has some of the longest-tenured Pegasus associates who have incredible things to say:

Pegasus Senior Living | Letty at Sun City West Assisted Living “It’s not just a job. It’s like a second home, and I come to see my family.” – Letty Romero, Dining Service Partner, 18 years

Pegasus Senior Living | Carmen at Sun City West Assisted Living “It’s always amazing to be the first person to greet them in the morning. Being a part of their lives is a blessing.” – Carmen, Housekeeper, 17 years

Pegasus Senior Living | Maria at Sun City West Assisted Living “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be able to enrich their lives. I have met some of the most incredible people and listened to some of the greatest life stories they’ve had to share. It is an amazing experience that I’ll forever cherish.” – Maria Romero, Life Enrichment Director, 15 years

Pegasus Senior Living | Gayle at Sun City West “I work with seniors because I feel like I am truly doing something that is important, and it is intensely rewarding. My goal is to bring a smile to their faces every day. I do this by having them tell me stories of their youth or important events in their lives. Reminiscing with them helps them feel better, especially for those who do not have family, or whose family are not able to visit very often.” – Gayle Lemenager, Assistant Executive Director, 15 years

Pegasus Senior Living | Sherri at Sun City West Assisted Living “I enjoy hearing the stories our residents have to share about their lives. They all have their own unique story.” – Sherri Williams, Sales and Marketing Director, 24 years

Sun City West Assisted Living also includes:

  • Char, 22 years
  • Diane, 14 years
  • Michele, 12 years

Dedication and Trust: Meet the entire team of decade makers

The Gardens at Marysville, Marysville, WA

  • Karen, 22 years
  • Debbie, 16 years
Bridgewood Gardens, Albertville, AL
  • Pat Roberts, Executive Director, 21 years
  • Brenda Lopez, Care Partner, 21 years
  • Liz Lesley, Dining Partner, 19 years
  • Brenda Taylor, Care Partner, 18 years
  • Donna Lochamy, Dining Partner, 17 years
  • Nancy Chambers, Dining Partner, 13 years
The Renaissance of Florence, Florence, AL
  • Cassandra Allen, Health and Wellness Director 22 years
  • Mary Donna Ott, Life Enrichment Director, 22 years
  • Debbie Arthur, Dining Services Partner, 21 years
  • Vivian (Shelia) Creasy, Care Partner, 21 years
  • Jennifer Reding, Sales & Marketing Director, 18 years
  • Donna Simbeck, Dining Services Partner, 15 years
  • Patti Armond, Cook, 16 years
  • Hilda Richardson, Business Office Director, 11 years
Town Village of Leawood, Leawood, KS
  • Nick Michale, Dining Services Partner, 17 years
  • Lee Baalman, Life Enrichment Partner, 15 years
  • Peggy Ferguson, Life Enrichment Director, 13 years
  • Christopher Davis, Dining Services Director, 12 years
  • Robert Molina, Transportation Partner, 11 years
  • Angelia Gorden, Housekeeping, 10 years
  • Ramiro Betancourt, Sous Chef, 10 years
Castlewoods Place, Brandon, MS
  • Sandra Gilbreath
  • Derinda Thompson
  • Glendora Horton
  • Detria Parker
  • Mary Summerhill
Ridgeland Place, Ridgeland, MS
  • Tony Harper, 21 years
  • Robert Gilmer, 17 years
  • Angie Shonta Smoots, 12 years
Parmer Woods at North Austin, Austin TX
  • Betty S. Crayton, Care Partner, 13 years
  • Brandy Villareal, Care Partner, 20 years
  • Elizabeth Ramirez, Housekeeping, 10 years
Cordata Court, Bellingham, WA
  • Kay, Housekeeping, 23 years
  • Patty, Housekeeping, 23 years
  • Darlene, Dining Services, 10 years

Thank you, Pegasus Senior Living Associates!

Pegasus Senior Living | Pat at Bridgewood Gardens “I have always had a passion for helping seniors maintain an excellent quality of life and helping them live that life to the fullest.” – Pat Roberts, Bridgewood Gardens Executive Director

We agree with Pat’s sentiments and hope all of our residents can live their lives to the fullest thanks to our associates’ empowering services.

We’re proud to include so many associates in our celebration of Dedication and Trust. Our communities feel like home and equip residents with the care they need. This care is essential to our values, and we could not do it without our team members.

Want to join our team?

Begin your journey to a rewarding career and the chance to make lifelong friendships along the way. Apply to a community near you today. At Pegasus Senior Living, We’re local. We’re Passionate. We Care.

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