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Why Choose Luxury Assisted Living in California

Assisted living is a great option for seniors who wish to maintain a certain level of independence yet require some assistance with daily tasks like medication management and personal care. However, not all assisted living facilities are created equal. Luxury assisted living offers a level of comfort and convenience that’s far beyond what basic assisted living can provide. Let’s look at the differences between luxury and basic assisted living and why Creston Village is an increasingly popular Paso Robles senior center.

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What is luxury assisted living? California is a hotspot.

Luxury assisted living offers a higher-end experience than standard assisted living. Residents benefit from amenities you might find at resorts in addition to stylish and spacious accommodations with modern appliances in attractive locations like the California Central Coast.

Amenities & Services

One of the biggest differences between luxury and basic assisted living is in the amenities and services they provide. Luxury facilities offer more amenities like spas, fitness centers, and theaters. They also may have access to specialists who can provide comprehensive healthcare services. Basic assisted living facilities often do not provide these services, so residents must find other ways to obtain them.

Social Activities & Programs

Luxury assisted living often offers social activities and programs tailored to the interests of residents. These activities can range from movie nights to off-site excursions to art classes. Basic assisted living facilities may offer some social activities but are less likely to have specialized programs or events catered specifically to seniors’ needs and interests.

Accommodations & Dining Options

Regarding accommodations, luxury assisted living facilities usually have larger rooms with more luxurious furnishings than basic assisted living units. They also typically offer gourmet dining options prepared by experienced chefs in an elegant dining hall — a far cry from the often pre-prepared meals served in basic assisted living settings!

How much does luxury assisted living cost in California?

While it’s difficult to estimate what you might pay for luxury assisted living, the cost is often much higher than that of basic assisted living, much like paying for a five-star hotel experience over a two- or three-star. To put it into perspective, on average, assisted living in California costs $5,250 monthly, according to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey; Forbes estimates that you’ll pay 30 percent more for luxury senior living services.

What luxury services does Creston Village provide?

Paso Robles is lucky to have one of California’s finest luxury assisted living communities right next to the beautiful Paso Robles Golf Club — Creston Village senior center. Paso Robles seniors can enjoy an array of amenities not typically found at other senior living communities, such as:

  • Spa services
  • On-site beautician
  • Licensed nurse
  • Personal check-ins throughout the day
  • On-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Washers and dryers available for personal use
  • Full-service dining room

As far as apartments go, Creston Village offers three different floor plans, each including large walk-in closets and showers, wall-to-wall carpeting, and basic cable.


With additional amenities such as personal laundry and spa treatments that too many traditional senior centers lack, it’s no wonder many seniors opt for the convenience of choosing a luxury community like Creston Village in Paso Robles, California. If you or your loved one are looking for top-tier senior living accommodations without sacrificing independence or quality of life, consider taking advantage of all a luxurious senior center has to offer! Contact us to schedule a tour.

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