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Firsthand Understanding, First-class Overland Park Memory Care

We've Navigated Memory Loss, Too.

Pegasus Senior Living’s Connections program is a unique, research-based program for memory care in Overland Park designed to help senior residents with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia in the Overland Park area lead a stimulating life. The program offers a secure environment, a committed and caring team, and a variety of activities designed to fit the unique needs of those living with cognitive decline.

We understand the time, effort, and emotional toll that caregiving can take on a family. If you’re wondering whether your loved one’s care needs are beyond your abilities, Glenwood Village of Overland Park may be able to help.

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Senior man sitting on porch

What is Overland Park memory care like?

Memory Care at Glenwood Village

In addition to all of the premium services we offer at Glenwood Village of Overland Park, our Memory Care is an enriching way for people experiencing Alzheimer’s and dementia to receive the specialized care they deserve.

Utilizing our Connections Program, we take a personalized and holistic approach, driven by the latest data and research on Alzheimer’s and dementia. Daily activities rooted in music, art and movement are tailored for each resident to create a calming and positive environment. We even prepare meals with brain health in mind. Our team members provide personalized care to each resident as well as a continuous monitor of health.

Connect - Move - Learn

The Connect, Move, Learn sequence is how our memory care community promotes neuroplasticity. The brain can continue producing healthy brain cells despite memory loss. Discover how staying engaged socially, physically, and mentally helps residents find their daily purpose.

Pegasus Senior Living | Connect Move Learn data-based memory care video
Pegasus Senior Living | Dr. Petersen SingFit Video

Research-Backed Music Therapy for Dementia

Dr. Petersen is not our only memory care expert providing data-based therapies to our community. We partner with scientifically proven activities like SingFit to promote brain plasticity and overall enjoyment. We proudly offer music therapy to ignite memories, encourage movement, and unite residents.

Inspired by Experience

Medical Director Dr. Sandra Petersen’s background in the memory care field goes back over 30 years, but it was her own experience that inspired the novel approach of the Connections program.

Over a decade ago, a stroke left her unable to use the left side of her body and connect with language skills; she even had trouble completing a sentence.

“The whole experience gave me not only sympathy, but empathy for those that struggle with cognitive decline,” says Dr. Petersen. 

With the help of a brain health specialist, she worked her way back through a variety of techniques designed to rebuild neural pathways, including learning Spanish and ballroom dancing.

Watch to Learn More about Dr. Petersen's Story

Pegasus Senior Living | Dr. Sandra Petersen

“I wondered whether the same principles that helped me, like connecting through emotion, moving, and learning new information, could work to stimulate the brain of someone with cognitive impairment.”

Dr. Petersen

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Connections Explained: A Comforting Home

Moving to assisted living or memory care can be difficult for older adults. Our program is working to remove the fear of the unknown and welcome residents home to independence. Senior care has been a personal and professional mission for Dr. Sandra Petersen for over three decades. Her practice focuses on neuroscience and the transformative power of rewiring the brain despite Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Pegasus Senior Living | Dr. Petersen - Connections program explained

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We searched and visited well over a dozen senior communities looking for the right place to place my dad in memory care, and we were immediately impressed by both the staff and community. We had an extremely difficult (though not unusual) initial transition, but it very quickly became a joy to see how everyone on the staff helped him feel comfortable and appreciated. Everyone we’ve worked with, from the top on down, has been exceptionally and genuinely caring, honest, and helpful. What could have been a very unpleasant experience has been wonderful and a huge relief!”

Doug M.

Son of Resident

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