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Gardnerville Senior Turns 101 Years Old

The Chateau at Gardnerville | Senior man, Richard Bell, seated at table with 101st birthday celebration decorations
Richard Bell, 101st Birthday

The Chateau at Gardnerville celebrated a very special birthday recently. Mr. Richard B. turned 101 on August 28.

The Chateau at Gardnerville | Senior man, Richard Bell, seated at table finishing a mealRichard was born in 1921 in Alton, Illinois. His career was as a sheet metal worker. Richard enjoys simple pleasures: He likes to spend time with his wife, Louise and sitting under the sun. Richard and Louise got married on January 22, 1983. Richard says the secret to longevity is good genes… It runs in the family!

Jessica Maidlow, Sales Director at The Chateau, says it is an honor to know him, care for him, and support him and Louise.


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