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Albertville Senior Journals His Life for 90 Years

Imagine chronicling your life’s adventures at 90-years-old. That’s exactly what Mr. Perry Leaming has done at Pegasus Senior Living community Bridgewood Gardens in Albertville!

Perry Leaming has experienced a lot in his 90 years. It’s only right to document his findings!  

His father was an engineer who worked in military facilities during WWII. As a result, Perry lived in different places like Mexico, Baton Rouge, and Austin. While in Baton Rouge, when he was 6-years-old, Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long was shot. They missed the assassination by minutes when Perry moved away from the area to show his mother where a water fountain was. 

When Perry was 15, he worked on a towboat in the Gulf. A man of many interests, this experience led him to develop another passion for boats and water.

Perry with his beautiful photographs. Picture from the Advertiser Gleam.

He’s been in the Air Force and the Air National Guard. He was an engineer afterward. And that’s just a few of the many interesting experiences from his journals, covered by the Advertiser Gleam.

Perry also developed a love for photography as a young boy after receiving a Brownie camera. Ever since he has been taking beautiful photos in addition to writing about his life. Living at Bridgewood Gardens gives Perry the time and leisure to chronicle his daily findings. We are so happy he is a part of our family!

The Advertiser Gleam is hosting a series of articles based on Perry’s remembrances and entries in his journal. Let’s honor Perry by reading about his journey thus far, and anticipate what he will write about next!

Come visit Bridgewood Gardens to speak with our unique resident Perry.

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