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Kenner Senior Restores Passion for Art at Retirement Community

Norman’s always been an artist at heart, but it wasn’t until he started living at Laketown Village, a senior living community in Kenner, that he was able to restore that passion again. 

Norman and Carol were living together at Laketown Village until she unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. They had been married 69 years. Norman was an architect by trade, but Carol saw his passion for painting early on in their marriage and encouraged Norman to take art classes so he could show his abilities to the world. 

Ever since he started painting in the 1960s, Norman attended all sorts of art classes and dabbled in different mediums over the years. He has also sold several of his pieces along the Gulf Coast. 

Norman with his painting of Laketown Village.

Norman finds artwork comforting, and the process of creation brings him happiness. That’s why several months ago, the community recognized that Norman needed to continue his passion after Carol passed. 

Recognizing Norman’s need to create, Judy, the concierge at Laketown Village, asked him if he would like to paint a portrait of the community with managing company Pegasus Senior Living’s logo. When Norman was finished, Judy was amazed at how great a job he did. It is proudly hung on the community’s wall, paying a special homage to Laketown Village’s resident artist. 

Come visit Norman to learn just how much the visual arts mean to him, and how it continues to make him active and happy! 

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