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Five Ways To Find The Best Memory Care in Denver

How Do I Find Alzheimer’s Care Near Me?

These days we are all looking for the best. We scroll the internet reading reviews to find the perfect meal, the right car and the best memory care. Reviews give us good insight, but when you’re trying to find the care you need for a loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia, knowing the qualities to look for can help immensely.

If you’re entering “memory care near me” into the Google search, you’re off to a great start. However, an in-person tour offers insight you’ll never find on the internet. In Denver, Belleview Suites at DTC provides in-person and virtual tours of our compassionate memory care community.

Let’s check out five ways to help you decide which community is best for your loved one.

1. Location

Where is Belleview Suites at DTC?

The traffic in Denver can be a pain, and thankfully we’re nowhere near the mess of I-70. Involving the family in the memory care journey is very important to us, and with our central location, you’ll have more time to spend with your loved one. Find us just west of I-25 with easy access from Belleview and Monaco.

Because of our location, we enjoy exploring places that make our area special with our community provided transportation:

2. Services

What kind of assistance can my loved one expect at Belleview Suites at DTC?

Everyone’s experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia is different, especially if your loved one has other medical needs. If there are additional health concerns, ask the community what level of care they can provide.

Belleview Suites at DTC | Grandmother and granddaughter bonding
Ocskay Mark –

The care services you can expect from memory care at Belleview Suites at DTC include:

  • A licensed nurse
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Specially trained memory care associates
  • A secure environment to prevent wandering
  • On-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Assistance with activities of daily living: dressing, bathing, grooming and dining

3. Activities

How are activities beneficial in memory care?

While memory fades, the body and mind receive huge benefits from remaining active. In addition to boosting self-esteem, advice from mentions participating in engaging activities can help to:

  1. Slow the decline of cognitive function
  2. Provide daily structure
  3. Give a feeling of productivity
  4. Reduce challenging behaviors

Residents of Belleview Suites at DTC benefit from the Connections program. Envision the satisfaction your loved one can experience:

Connections FoundationsBenefits
Engaging the EmotionsReminiscing is a powerful tool to trigger memories. Using the five senses, we can help stimulate emotions and learn more about your loved ones. Activities like Sing-Fit use classic songs as a way to exercise speech patterns, elevate mood and reminisce. Playing music is also a good excuse for fun.
Encouraging Movement

Most mornings begin with chair exercises. Stretching and knocking the balloon around are some of our favorites.

Dancing is another great way to move the body.

Challenging the BrainLooking at our activity calendar, you’ll notice word games, book clubs and art therapy. Of course, we also play bingo. Not only is it fun, it also helps improve cognitive function.
Supporting SocializationMaintaining mental health and cognition relies on social relationships. Building community through activities and special events achieves a sense of belonging. It’s always fun when we have special visitors.

4. Cost

How much does memory care cost?

After the initial Google search, a “how much is memory care” search usually follows. Thinking that nursing homes are the most affordable way to receive Alzheimer’s care is a common misconception. That’s why it’s important to do your research. Monthly fees in a nursing home in the Denver area can cost thousands of dollars more than at Belleview Suites at DTC.

Additionally, in a nursing home, your loved one may not experience the same activity levels or personalized care. These facilities are usually best for people with chronic conditions that require skilled nursing.

Read our comprehensive guide on the pricing structure of senior living to discover ways to make memory care a cost-effective option.

5. Questions

What questions should you ask a memory care community?

When you tour a memory care community, bring a list of questions. This is your chance to ask questions about the community and determine if it is appropriate for your family. In addition to questions specific to your situation, here is a list of essential questions you should ask:

Ask yourselfAsk the community
  • Do other residents seem to enjoy the community?
  • Is the community clean and accessible?
  • Are there spacious areas to socialize with other residents and visitors?
  • Would I be comfortable living in the apartment/studio?
  • Was the staff warm and welcoming?
  • Did the food seem nutritious and fresh?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio?
  • Will my loved one receive an individualized care plan?
  • What are the security measures in place to prevent wandering?
  • What third parties do you use for additional care services
  • How involved can the family be in decision-making?
  • What kind of training do associates complete to offer care?

What are the benefits of life at Belleview Suites at DTC?

According to Verywell Health, “The best memory care facilities offer 24-hour care and have licensed nurses to address residents’ needs and assist with medications; they also have an abundance of daily activities to partake in and calm and inviting common areas.” These are all qualities you can expect from Belleview Suites at DTC. recognized us as one of the Best Memory Care Communities in Denver. Visit us and see why:

  • Passionate, 24/7 associates
  • Personal daily check-ins
  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • On-site physical and occupational therapy
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and transportation service
  • Engaging programming, mindful activities, and wellness classes
  • Three meals and snacks per day, prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients


Can I visit Belleview Suites at DTC?

Contact us to get in touch with a senior living sales specialist. We can arrange a tour at your earliest convenience. Trust Belleview Suites at DTC to be a resource for your family to help navigate the complexities of memory loss care.

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