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Senior Has a Goal to Reach 10 Million Steps Total from Pedometer

There’s an older gentleman in town who has more pep in his step than most people his age, or of all ages! Mr. Robert White, a resident at Pegasus Senior Living community Dunwoody Place off 1460 S Johnson Ferry Rd NE in Atlanta, plans to reach 10 million steps within the next few months.

Pegasus Senior Living | Robert White interview on his upcoming 10 millionth step at Dunwoody Place
Robert White (right) plans to hit 10 millilon steps at Dunwoody Place in the next few months.

Mr. White began tracking his steps using a pedometer in June 2018. When he started living at Dunwoody Place, he began counting his steps as a daily routine. Normally people try to reach 10,000 steps a day. But Mr. White takes that goal a step further – on an average day he reaches 16,000 steps! Mr. White has been doing the math and estimates that he has walked 90 marathons with all his steps so far combined.

When does our resident expect to reach the big 10 millionth step? Come visit Mr. White and see what he has to say!

Watch an interview with Mr. White.

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