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Wade Mullis

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Wade began his senior living journey briefly in 2004 and then again in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer for Pegasus. A graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Wade is currently a key part of the senior team as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer. His portfolio covers several key areas of the company, including IT, capital projects and maintenance, food service, contract administration, and home office management.

“I love the purpose of the industry,” Wade says. “The ability to have a direct impact in providing safe, clean, and friendly homes for our seniors is such an honor and a privilege.”

Pegasus Senior Living | Wade

He adds: “In Pegasus’ core values, passion to me means to have an intense feeling or emotion towards something important. We care and look after the needs of others. Accountability is to be responsible for one’s actions and words. With teamwork, I explain it as the ability to work alongside others in good as well as tough times and being dependable. Finally, with financial stewardship, we have the responsibility to spend others’ money as we would our own.”

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