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The Farrington Celebrates a Centenarian: Evangeline

Evangeline (“Eve”) B., a senior living resident of The Farrington at Tanglewood in Houston, Texas, recently celebrated a remarkable milestone—her 100th birthday. With a century of memories and experiences behind her, Eve’s life is a testament to resilience, faith, and the importance of family and community. Roots, Heritage, and Faith Before Eve was born, her

The Farrington at Tanglewood | Resident celebrating with a drink

Senior Community Centers and Long-Term Care: A Guide

If you’re a senior in the Houston, TX area, you may be curious about resources that can make life easier. With the rising daily living costs, looking for solutions that fit your lifestyle now and planning for your future needs just makes sense. You may be thinking about updating your home, looking for long-term care,

Pegasus Senior Living | Residents making arts and crafts

How Pegasus Optimizes Dementia Care with Dr. Sandra Petersen

At the forefront of Pegasus Senior Living, Dr. Sandra Petersen, our Senior Vice President of Health and Wellness, leads our Connections program, a transformative and scientifically backed approach to care designed for seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Through the “Connect, Move, Learn” methodology that defines the Connections program, Dr. Petersen guides Pegasus on how

Pegasus Senior Living | Senior woman with caregiver at table full of vegetables

Sugar and Dementia: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Sandra Petersen is the founder of our Connections memory care program. She is here today to help dispel some myths surrounding what researchers know about sweet treats and dementia. Do you try to avoid sugar or limit it in the diet of a loved one? As a doctor, I try to avoid granulated sugar,

Pegasus Senior Living | Senior woman sitting with her doctor

Pegasus Senior Living’s Commitment to Senior Health Care

Prioritizing the Newest Guidelines for Seniors and COVID-19 The health and well-being of our residents are paramount at Pegasus Senior Living. It’s a commitment that we take to heart daily. It’s especially at the forefront of our minds with flu season beginning and the threat of new COVID-19 variants. According to a recent article, the


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