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Arlington Independent Living Community Hosts COVID Kindness Parade

Town Village Crossing, an Arlington independent living community managed by Pegasus Senior Living, hosted a COVID Kindness Parade Saturday, May 2 at the front of the building off 1250 W Pioneer Pkwy.  It was a huge turn-out the size of Texas! 

We had over 60 cars participate in our parade, including the local police and firemen.

Participants of the parade (family members, neighbors, loved ones, and more) drove around the community three times. Those who participated met at the Presbyterian Church parking lot before the parade, directly across the street from Fielder Church beside Town Village Crossing.

The residents were spread out practicing social distancing on the lawn to watch the families drive by. It was a fantastic and uplifting time enjoyed by all!

We understand seniors are still looking into housing options at this time. Please reach out to Town Village Crossing for more information or a virtual tour!

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