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At Your Convenience

Arlington Seniors Have Their Own Convenience Store at Community

Although many seniors are at risk just by driving to grocery stores to get essentials, our team is keeping its residents secure.

What is The Nook?

At Town Village Crossing, a Pegasus Senior Living independent living community, residents can purchase toiletries, snacks, pet food, and more at The Nook, the community’s own store, and have a safer alternative thanks to the Town Village Crossing ‘Nook Crew’.

What else does The Nook provide?

Run by associates in the transportation and activities departments, items at The Nook include: bread, soda, milk, ice cream, toilet paper, pet food, greeting cards, snacks, shampoo, mouth wash, and more. The supplies are stocked twice a month within a defined budget by the community. The Nook employees also assist with online grocery deliveries, dry cleaning orders, and other transportation requests by the residents.

Our residents, associates, and visitors love The Nook for its range of products, some of which are handmade.

The Nook and its associates are a convenient and safe alternative for seniors living at Town Village Crossing. During March when stores were running low on toilet paper, The Nook crew would get out and make sure their own mini-mart was stocked for their seniors. The housekeeping supervisor would order big boxes of toilet paper to provide rolls to any residents who stopped by The Nook and inquired for some.

What do our residents say about their new addition?

“Our residents love to shop there,” said Jennifer Brown-Hodge, Sales Director of Town Village Crossing. “And we love being able to provide this convenience for them.”


If you would like to visit The Nook and take a secure tour of our senior living community in Arlington, Texas, please contact us today.
For media inquiries, please contact Blair Burney at or complete the following form.

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