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The Best Retirement Hobbies for Seniors and How We Encourage Them

Ever wonder what seniors in communities are up to during retirement? At Pegasus, our teams are always happy to bust the myth that loneliness and depression inevitably arise once people stop working. While these emotions can certainly happen and should be acknowledged, there is a powerful way to combat them: pursuing one’s passions with a healthy dose of engagement.

Needless to say, all residents at Pegasus are encouraged to consider what activities are fulfilling to them. Do they find solace in food, art, books, or movies? What about woodworking, fitness, animals or volunteering? Whatever it may be, our teams make it happen for them to the best of our abilities, even during COVID-19 restrictions. While we follow all safety regulations and rules, we are still serving our seniors with passion.

Need examples? Check out just a few of the many enriching hobbies Pegasus residents are enjoying!


  • Ms. Janet in Roswell, GA reignited her passion for sewing again because of her friend, the community concierge, who has worked at Magnolia Place for 20 years! Their community knows how to spark true friendships and encourage residents to pursue their beloved hobbies.


  • Ever heard of a senior reaching 10 million steps with his pedometer? Mr. Robert White in Atlanta, GA can tell you all about it—and show pictures of the party that Dunwoody Place threw for him with his family and friends in tow (while practicing social distancing!)

Writing and Photography

  • Painter, calligrapher, illustrator, cartoonist, sign designer, and sculptor: just some of the many titles one can hold at our communities. Make way for Mr. Louis Panagini, who is the jack of all trades when it comes to the visual arts in Leawood, KS. This Town Village of Leawood resident has his art studio set up in his kitchen! We encourage our residents to make their apartments truly theirs, especially if that includes making room for enriching projects!

We are so honored to serve the creative, hardworking, and intelligent seniors in our communities. There is nothing more fulfilling to our teams than encouraging each of our residents to pursue what they want to do.

If you are looking into senior housing options for yourself or a loved one, consider a Pegasus Senior Living community in your area. We’d love to show you how we are enriching seniors’ lives every day. We have always followed all safety guidelines due to COVID-19, which is why we offer virtual tours. We can also send additional information or speak to you over the phone regarding any questions you may have.

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