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Finding Expert Dementia Care in Fairfield Just Got Easier

Finding expert care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can be a struggle. Relief, comfort, and expertise are essential, and searching for memory care can be a daunting task without knowing where to turn.

The Village at Rancho Solano has recently added memory care to its repertoire of senior living services. The Connections program, developed by Pegasus Senior Living Health and Wellness Director Dr. Sandra Petersen, offers residents a robust, research-based approach to care.

Connections incorporates concepts of neuroplasticity of challenging the mind with new activities to slow the progression of dementia and help build new neural pathways in the brain. The unique structure of the program includes research-based methods of supporting your loved one.

What are helpful activities for the elderly with memory loss?

Seniors with dementia benefit from activities that engage the emotions. Connections incorporates music, art, crafts, aromatherapy, and creative hobbies that help them connect with others and their own memories.

Is exercise important?

Absolutely. Another key component of successful memory care is engaging seniors through movement. The connection between the mind and body is well-established in scientific research, and the Connections program encourages physical activity to maximize quality of life.

Does yoga help prevent dementia?

Activities like yoga that incorporate movement with breath and mindfulness have been shown to be very effective in helping to stave off dementia or slow its progression. We’ve seen some evidence that it improves memory.

A study conducted by a team of UCLA-led neuroscientists found that “a three-month course of yoga and meditation practice helped minimize the cognitive and emotional problems that often precede Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia — and that it was even more effective than the memory enhancement exercises that have been considered the gold standard for managing mild cognitive impairment.” This evidence of the positive impacts of practicing yoga on the mind and nervous system has led doctors to recommend it as an effective therapy for their patients.

Yoga is an excellent tool and one of the many activities for the elderly with memory loss at The Village at Rancho Solano. Under careful supervision, residents participate in chair yoga, boxing, walking clubs, and other fitness programs to help them achieve an active body and mind.

What additional services can my loved one receive?

When someone is struggling with memory issues and personal care duties have become too much, our team will provide the relief and comfort that is needed for families. We provide services for all types of dementia through our licensed nurses, personal check-ins, customized programming, on-site therapy, medication management, socialization, and activity.

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Connections is a unique program that was developed through extensive research and personal experience. Dr. Sandra Petersen recovered from a stroke by incorporating components of neuroplasticity, movement, engaging the emotions, challenging the brain with new activities, and social engagement into her recovery. Today those evidence-based therapies make up the unique program that can improve your loved one’s well-being.

Activities like art, yoga, and music are part of residents’ daily routines and have been shown to slow the progression of dementia. Residents also dine well on brain-healthy foods with optimal nutrition. This holistic approach to care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia is effective and unique. Come see our program in action and find out why.


Find relief in knowing your loved one is active, engaged, and well cared for.

Give your loved one the gift of evidence-based, effective care that treats the mind, body, and soul. Contact us today to get started with the Connections program.

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