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Our Pegasus Seniors’ Favorite Holiday Traditions

Read about the holiday festivities our residents have enjoyed year after year.

Pegasus Senior Living | Kurt's Holiday Tradition

Cordata Court

Pegasus Senior Living | Alan at Cordata Court

Kurt and his wife enjoy dinner for two and a gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

Historic Roswell Place

Pegasus Senior Living | Patricia at HIstoric Roswell Place

Patricia looks forward to opening the first gift and going to mass on Christmas.

Lakeview of Kirkland

Pegasus Senior Living | Eva at Lakeview of Kirkland

Eva has fond memories of playing in the snow and building a snowman.

Pegasus Senior Living | Jeanne's Holiday Tradition

Evergreen Place

Pegasus Senior Living | Jeanne at Evergreen Place

Jeanne‘s favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies with her family.

Dunwoody Place

Pegasus Senior Living | Mitzy at Dunwoody Place

“My 6 siblings and I used to wait until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree. We didn’t have lights on the tree until I was 6. They hadn’t been invented yet!” —Mitzi

The Oaks at Inglewood

Pegasus Senior Living | Kathy at The Oaks at Inglewood

Kathy’s family celebrates on the Christmas Eve because it was also her mother’s birthday. They would open mom’s birthday gifts in the morning and Christmas presents after dinner.

Her family also drives to Oregon to pick and cut their own Christmas tree and decorate as a family.

Pegasus Senior Living | Nevada's Holiday Tradition

Town Village Crossing

Pegasus Senior Living | Nevada at Town Village Crossing

“When my children and grandchildren were much younger, we would have a birthday cake for Jesus because he is the reason for the season. They would gather so that Grandpap could read them The Christmas story book right before they would open presents. Christmas dinner was eaten at 1 pm and hosted for 30-35 people. There was a lot of love shared with our family.” — Nevada

Castlewoods Place

Pegasus Senior Living | Lawana at Castlewoods Place

Lawana enjoys cooking a big Christmas dinner for her family.

The Farrington at Tanglewood

Pegasus Senior Living | Marjorie at The Farrington at Tanglewood

Marjorie has fun decorating the tree and spending time with her family on Christmas, so since she moved in she loves watching us put up the Christmas tree, and putting an ornament every year.

Pegasus Senior Living | Alan's Holiday Tradition

The Landing at Queensbury

Pegasus Senior Living | Alan at The Landing at Queensbury

Alan’s favorite Christmas tradition was taking his “Little Ones” and their dog into the woods to search for the perfect family Christmas tree, cut it down, and bring it home to decorate. Alan would also cut down small trees so his “Littles” could have their own tree in their bedrooms.

The Courtyards at Mountain View

Pegasus Senior Living | Dottie at The Courtyards at Mountain View

Dottie Ambler has owned a beautifully hand-made Christmas Tree since the early 50’s. It was made by her early husband’s mother. It was always a great touch for her holidays.

Magnolia Place

Pegasus Senior Living | Mary Kate at Magnolia Place

“My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with the whole family.” — Mary Kate

Pegasus Senior Living | John's Holiday Tradition

Laketown Village

Pegasus Senior Living | John at Laketown Village

John’s favorite holiday tradition is dressing up as Santa Claus.

The Seasons of Reno

Pegasus Senior Living | Lois at The Seasons

“My favorite holiday memory is going out with my dad in the forest to cut down our annual Christmas tree.” — Lois

Are you looking for new neighbors who can help you celebrate the holiday season and create traditions of your own?  We invite you to learn more about a festive Pegasus senior living community near you.

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