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Something’s Brewing at Parmer Woods Beer Works

 Suddenly everyone wants a taste of Parmer Woods Beer Works! Our resident brewmasters are gaining local and national attention on outlets such as KXAN, Reform Austin, and BuzzFeed News. It’s almost as if people have never heard of senior living communities brewing their own beer before! Here at Parmer Woods, we like to “Keep Austin Weird,” and maybe having an on-site brewery does just that.

With the guidance of Life Enrichment Director Amy Casillas, Parmer Woods Beer Works took off with a small group of curious and passionate residents. Currently, the brewmasters include Parmer Woods residents Ed Jasek, Phil Dunaway, Goldie Vital, Eva Costello, Ron Dunkleman, William James, Val Leith and John Lauber. Most are new to the craft, however, Ed Jasek is a former liquor store owner and shares his knowledge with the group.

Although times have changed during the pandemic, the brewmasters are still hard at work. With new social distancing guidelines in place, only six residents are able to join in at one time. That hasn’t stopped our team from having fun. The beer making process is something the residents really take pride in and having something to look forward to is paramount for them.

Parmer Woods North Austin senior's beer from breweryCasillas told KXAN, “They help from cleaning the bottles to actually capping and storing it… the whole process. They choose what kind we do and they also help with the design of the labels.”

So far the brewmasters at Parmer Woods have made four different types of beer: Cider, IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and Wit Beer. They are looking to expand their taste buds by making ales and lagers soon.

“It gives them a creative outlet, it gives them a long term goal, and it’s something to sort of brag about that I’ve made,” Casillas via KXAN.

At Parmer Woods Beer Works, residents are staying active and learning a new skill. That’s something so rare in our current society. Our facility has tapped into something so uniquely Austin, while also providing an outlet for residents.

“They feel like they’re really getting to be a part of something bigger and it’s real, uh, reminiscent of Austin itself. There’s a microbrew every two blocks. It’s a way to stay part of the community while also putting our own little flair on it, which is always fun… It’s more than just something to spend time doing,” Casillas told KXAN.

We can all learn from the residents at Parmer Woods to always seek out new and gratifying ways to pass the time. Cheers to our brewmasters for keeping the fun alive and Austin “weird.” Want to learn more about what senior living is really about? Contact Parmer Woods at North Austin Assisted Living and Memory Care today!

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