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Pegasus Senior Living | Associate helping resident with craft

At Pegasus Senior Living, we do not stop to ensure our residents’ and associates’ safety.

How is Pegasus handling the pandemic?

We are grateful to say that we are ahead of the curve with our incredible teams and Dr. Petersen, our Medical Wellness Director. To be specific, we have ordered masks and COVID-19 testing kits at the first possibility rather than pursuing them in response to an illness. We are grateful to be one of the first organizations to have tests available in all of our communities along with ample PPE. This proactive measure has helped us stay prepared and calm with a proper response during these stressful times.

What is Pegasus’ difference in response to COVID-19?

Our teams have tests regularly available with strict and diligent protocols that involve our surgical and N95 masks, PPEs, and more. No community is experiencing uncontrolled outbreaks because of our constant communication and updates with each other, all led by Dr. Petersen. Dr. Petersen has taken great strides to ensure our communities are as secure as possible with round-the-clock calls and reports from our teams.

What steps have been taken?

Since the beginning of March, all our communities have been following preliminary protocols and steps from our medical team and the CDC. We have only expanded our protocols as COVID-19 updates occur daily.
Our preventive initial steps include:
• Hand hygiene (frequent washing, use of gloves and hand sanitizer)
• Respiratory hygiene/cough and sneeze etiquette
• Environmental cleaning, including diligence on wiping down surfaces with antibacterial/virucide cleansers
• Observing waste disposal best practices to protect residents and associates
• Continuous training of associates and volunteers on sources of exposure, prevention and recognition of symptoms
• Procurement of additional water, food, infection control supplies, and medications

We also follow all travel advisories from the CDC and have hand sanitizers available throughout our communities.

As the virus spread throughout the nation in the middle of March, we not only maintained our preventive measures but enhanced them by allowing only essential visitors, practicing social distancing and more.

In addition, Pegasus communities ceased all group activities and delivered meals to residents’ rooms. We’ve made digital tools available for residents and loved ones to stay connected with each other.

We continue to follow the below preventive measures:
• Screening every essential visitor and associate when entering the community. We are also screening our residents daily for any symptoms.
• Personal protective equipment being used by associates and essential visitors when needed.
• Increased training on handwashing and other sanitation protocols.
• Increased cleaning of resident and common area spaces.
• Ceased use of dining room for those who do not require support and/or supervision.
• Ceased large group activities and began offering small group activities along with in-apartment activity options.

On March 30, we were grateful to announce that onsite testing for COVID-19 was available at all of our communities. Dr. Petersen’s expertise led us to be as prepared as possible for our residents and associates.

Our Goal

Pegasus is taking all appropriate steps to minimize the risk of coronavirus in all communities. We are committed to continuing to put every effort and protocol into ensuring our residents’ and associates’ health and well-being are at the forefront of all we do. We also continuously update families, partners, loved ones and the public on our site.

We are better together! Please contact your Executive Director for any questions. Make sure to follow our Facebook pages as we are constantly updating loved ones with photos and videos of our residents. Our communities are also available for virtual tours for those still in need of senior housing options.

Pegasus Senior Living | Associates with Better Together COVID-19 shirts
For media inquiries, please contact Blair Burney at or complete the following form.

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