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The Farrington Celebrates a Centenarian: Evangeline

Evangeline (“Eve”) B., a senior living resident of The Farrington at Tanglewood in Houston, Texas, recently celebrated a remarkable milestone—her 100th birthday. With a century of memories and experiences behind her, Eve’s life is a testament to resilience, faith, and the importance of family and community.

Roots, Heritage, and Faith

Before Eve was born, her grandfather built a house in Bay Ridge, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, because of Eve’s mother’s delicate health and the belief that the more rural environment would be beneficial for her. Bay Ridge, at that time, offered a quieter atmosphere compared to its present bustling state. Eve’s parents lived a few blocks away from her grandparents’ house, and they enjoyed proximity to family in a quiet setting.

Eve was then born on February 11th, 1924. Her mother gave birth to her on a kitchen table, a moment her family often refers to as miraculous given Eve’s mother’s fragile health at the time.

Eve’s birth certificate, showing that she was born on February 11th, 1924.

Despite being an only child, Eve found companionship with her numerous cousins, spending Sundays gathered around a long table in her grandfather’s Bay Ridge home, where laughter and stories filled the air. Eve fondly reminisces about her upbringing as the only girl among her boy cousins, embracing her tomboy nature and forging strong bonds with her cousins.

A comical photograph of baby Eve lounging on a leopard skin rug.

In addition to her family, Eve’s Italian heritage and Catholic faith have been sources of strength throughout her life. She remains connected to her roots, recounting how her immigrant grandfather arrived at Ellis Island in 1873. She states that faith has been important to her throughout her life, and she enjoys praying, going to church, and receiving Communion twice a week at The Farrington.

Faith is an important part of Eve’s life; above is a picture of her certificate of baptism from 1924.

Career, Love, and Starting a Family

Throughout her life, Eve has been recognized for her intelligence and capability. Prior to starting a family, she served as an Executive Secretary for a hotel chain in New York. Following the birth of her children, she temporarily stepped away from her career but later ventured into the fields of insurance and imports. Renowned for her competence, Eve consistently exceeded expectations in her roles, earning her increasing responsibilities at work. As her daughter describes, Eve was accustomed to “running things.”

A photograph of Eve with her husband, whom she married in 1946.

In 1945, Eve met her husband at her parents’ restaurant on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn. They got married on December 14th, 1946, and raised their two children on Staten Island before eventually relocating to Houston in 1985.

Eve’s Experiences During WW2 and a Remarkable Reunion

During World War II, Eve volunteered at a hospital, finding fulfillment in serving her community during a time of great need. However, one of the most remarkable stories from that era revolves around her husband’s reunion with his fellow servicemen.

“One day I came home from work,” Eve recalls with a smile, “my husband looked at me and said, ‘I’ve been found.’” She emulates his wide-eyed surprise as she recounts the moment. It was an unexpected turn of events that would lead to cherished reunions and lasting friendships. One of her husband’s former war buddies, living in California, had managed to track him down—a task made more difficult without modern technology. In fact, this friend had embarked on a quest across the country, reconnecting with all his fellow servicemen he was friends with and who were from different parts of America.

They then decided to have a reunion every two years, gathering all the servicemen that this friend had managed to locate. Eve reminisces about the joyous gatherings, saying, “We got to meet the wives. It was really nice. We had a good time.” The wives and husbands would often hang out separately throughout the reunions, only coming together on the final night, highlighting the camaraderie and bond shared among the veterans and their families.

Remaining Sharp and Connected

Even at 100, Eve remains sharp and connected to her past and present. She enriches her mind by reading extensively; she is currently engrossed in a book about Bay Ridge, where she grew up. Word searches also keep her mind agile, which explains how she can effortlessly recall exact memories and dates (such as the exact year her grandfather first stepped foot in America and the exact day she got married).

February 11, 2024: Eve posing in front of a sign outside The Farrington at Tanglewood on her 100th birthday celebration.

Celebrating Eve

Because family has always been paramount to Eve, one of her grandsons flew in all the way from Vietnam to celebrate her 100th birthday. With her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons in tow, Eve attended Sunday Mass. As the service concluded, the priest acknowledged her presence, eliciting a round of applause from the congregation of about 350 people. To Eve’s surprise, the choir sang “Happy Birthday” to her, making her feel like royalty for the day. She then enjoyed a special dinner at her favorite restaurant, Carrabba’s, savoring the joy of being surrounded by loved ones.

Eve remarked, “I have a lot of children,” referring to the employees at the senior living community whom she was also delighted to celebrate with. To honor Eve’s 100th birthday, The Farrington donated $100 to St. Michael’s Church, where she is a parishioner, in Eve’s name. They also plan on presenting her with an official papal blessing from the Pope. Additionally, they bought her a grand cake from Three Brothers Bakery, and employees at the senior living community gathered round to sing her “Happy Birthday.”

After enjoying some cake, Eve reflects on her century of life. She offers simple yet profound advice: “Have an open mind.” Her willingness to embrace new experiences and cherish her family, faith, and community serves as an inspiration to us all.

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