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Paws and Smiles: 10 Benefits of Pet-Friendly Independent Living

At Ridgmar Place, we believe that home is where the heart is, and for many seniors, the heart includes their beloved furry companions. That’s why we’re proud to offer pet-friendly independent senior living, where residents can enjoy the benefits of pet therapy and the joys of pet ownership.

Pet-friendly senior living communities understand the importance of connecting with animals and how much joy they bring to residents’ lives. Whether it’s animal-assisted therapy sessions or curling up together with a good book, animals make life richer and enjoyable. Continue reading as we explore the top ten advantages of living in a pet-friendly community like Ridgmar Place.

How Pet-Friendly Independent Living Helps Seniors

  1. Companionship and Unconditional Love: Pets offer constant companionship, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. They provide a source of unconditional love, brightening each day.
  2. Reduced Stress for Pet Owners: Interacting with pets has been shown to lower stress levels, promoting relaxation and well-being. Petting a dog or cat can release endorphins and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.
  3. Increased Physical Activity: Walking and playing with pets encourage regular exercise, which is essential for maintaining physical health.
  4. Social Interaction: Pets serve as conversation starters, helping residents connect with neighbors and form new friendships.
  5. Emotional Support: Pets are family. They can be a source of emotional support during challenging times, providing comfort, a listening ear, and endless cuddles.
  6. Sense of Purpose: Caring for a pet gives residents a sense of purpose, fostering a routine and responsibility.
  7. Cognitive Stimulation: Interacting with pets can improve cognitive function, memory, and mental agility.
  8. Reduced Depression and Anxiety: The presence of pets can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, creating a more positive outlook.
  9. Decreased Feelings of Isolation: Knowing you have a furry friend waiting for you at home can help alleviate feelings of isolation and sadness.
  10. Enhanced Quality of Life: Pet-friendly independent senior living ultimately improves residents’ overall quality of life.
Ridgmar Place | Residents taking part in animal therapy
Animal therapy has many benefits for seniors, including boosting mood.

Pet Ownership at Ridgmar Place

We understand the profound bond between seniors and their pets. That’s why our community allows small to medium-sized dogs and cats. We believe in pet therapy’s power and its incredible benefits to residents.

Our team is committed to creating a clean and nurturing environment for residents and their furry friends. We provide pet-friendly amenities, including walking paths and waste stations, to ensure you and your four-legged companion have everything you need for a comfortable and happy life at Ridgmar Place.

Pet-friendly independent senior living at Ridgmar Place offers an array of benefits, from reducing stress and loneliness to promoting physical activity and social interaction. The bond between seniors and their pets is truly heartwarming. We are proud to support that connection in our community.

If you’re considering senior living options and value the companionship of a pet, consider Ridgmar Place, where your furry friend is more than welcome to share this exciting journey of senior living with you.


Welcome Home to Purrrfect Senior Living

We’re happy to welcome you and your furry friend home. Contact us today to see what pet-friendly independent living is all about.

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