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Pegasus Senior Living | Seniors in library

Picture Your Life and Your Future

There should be more to your day than chores and upkeep. If you are still considering senior living, it can be beneficial to step back …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Seniors participating in wellness activity

A Wellness Checklist for Seniors

The 7 stages of wellness help guide us toward a lifestyle that is rewarding, engaging, and fulfilling. Your pursuit of happiness does not stop once …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Woman handing a cane to her aging mother

10 Signs a Senior Parent May Need Help

Are you wondering if your senior parent is getting to a state where they need more help with an outside source like a senior living …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Robert White with associate

Senior Has a Goal to Reach 10 Million Steps Total from Pedometer

There’s an older gentleman in town who has more pep in his step than most people his age, or of all ages! Mr. Robert White, …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Two seniors lunging, preparing for a foot race

Best Day Ever Series: Peter Snell – ‘Use It or Lose It!’

Rome 1960 Summer Olympics: It’s the 800-meter final race. Halfway through the last lap, crowd favorite Roger Williams makes his move from 4th position. The …

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Pegasus Senior Living | Senior woman receives flu shot

Health Series: Preparing Your Aging Parents for the 2019 Flu Season

Flu season is upon us again. If you are preparing your aging parents for the 2019 flu season, you are ahead of the curve and …

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