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A Wellness Checklist for Seniors

The 7 stages of wellness help guide us toward a lifestyle that is rewarding, engaging, and fulfilling. Your pursuit of happiness does not stop once you reach a certain age. Check the 7 stages of wellness list below to ensure you are in a situation where you are optimizing your lifestyle to its fullest potential.


  • Am I content and happy most days?
  • Do I handle situations well that are not ideal?
  • Do I manage my stress well? 


  • Am I keeping up with a healthy diet?
  • Am I maintaining regular exercise?
  • Do I keep up with my doctor’s appointments?


  • Am I learning new things? 
  • How do I stimulate my mind daily?
  • Do I attend seminars, workshops, educational events?
Pegasus Senior Living | Seniors participating in wellness activity


  • How often do I volunteer or work?
  • Am I often bored with my daily routine?
  • Do I share my knowledge with others?


  • Is the environment I am in pleasing to me?
  • Does my environment encourage active living?


  • Do I follow a religion or belief?
  • Do I follow personal values or do mindful exercises for my well-being?
  • Do I attend faith-based groups or meditate?


  • Am I interacting with other people enough?
  • Am I a part of any clubs or groups I have interests in?
  • Do I invite friends or family to my residence often enough?

At Pegasus Senior Living communities, we provide convenient services, programs, activities, maintenance, and dining options … Not to mention a local team of dedicated associates onsite who are passionate about caring for seniors.

A Pegasus community enriches lives by allowing residents extra time to pursue a hobby, meet like-minded people, or ignite a newfound passion.

Don’t delay on your health or happiness. Let us know how we can help.

Your Choice. Your Life.