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South Hill Village Welcomes New Executive Director, Jennifer Whitmyer

South Hill Village proudly announces its new Executive Director, Jennifer Whitmyer. With a rich background in senior care and a deep commitment to family and community, Whitmyer brings a unique blend of expertise and compassion to her new role.

South Hill Village | Jennifer Whitmyer executive director
Jennifer is an experienced leader dedicated to enhancing seniors’ lives. We are grateful for her leadership at South Hill Village!

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Jennifer joins South Hill Village as an experienced leader dedicated to enhancing seniors’ lives. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Whitmyer’s values resonate deeply with the mission of South Hill Village.

As a devoted mother to her two children, Laura and Jeremiah, and a grandmother to four granddaughters ranging from two months to 12 years, family remains at the center of Jennifer’s life. “My kids are my heart and soul,” said Jennifer. “We cherish our time together, whether camping, hunting, or simply being in each other’s company.”

Jennifer’s 25-year marriage to her spouse speaks volumes about her commitment to love and partnership, qualities she brings to her leadership at South Hill Village. “In my spare time, you’ll find us outdoors, riding quads or side by sides,” she added. “Nature and adventure are where we find joy and connection.”

Between her family life and professional responsibilities, Jennifer finds solace in her love for plants and deep-rooted connection to her hometown of San Diego, CA.

“I am honored to join the South Hill Village family and to serve as the Executive Director,” said Whitmyer. “I look forward to working closely with residents, families, and staff to ensure that South Hill Village remains a place where seniors can live life to the fullest.”


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