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11-Year-Old Meets 100-Year-Olds in Sun City West

Sun City West Assisted Living had a special visitor. A local 11-year-old named Audrey was interested in engaging with residents who have reached the remarkable milestone of 100 years of age. Sun City West Assisted Living fits the bill as they have several residents who are past 100: Janet, who is 104, Florence, who is 102, and Chauncey, who is 101.

With a sense of wonder and curiosity, the young visitor engaged in meaningful conversations with the residents. Nancy McFillin, Sales Director at Sun City West Assisted Living, shared, “As she talked with them, she was amazed by the residents’ responses to making it to 100.”

Sun city West | Student meets Chauncey
11-year-old Audrey sits down with residents who have reached the 100-year milestone at Sun City West Assisted Living in Arizona

Among the esteemed centenarians, Janet, soon to celebrate her 105th birthday and a resident since 2022, shared her longevity secret: diligently taking her daily vitamins. Meanwhile, Chauncey attributed his long life at 101-years-old to a lifestyle free from smoking and drugs.

Reflecting on her experience, the young visitor expressed joy in getting to know the residents. “The best part of the experience was that I got to interact with and visit with the residents and how happy they were,” Audrey shared.

Sun City West | Student meets Florence

Nancy added, “Our residents are still talking about this visit and how nice it was to have a young person in the community to visit and spend the day with them.”


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