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Activities Abound at The Farrington

Whether they take place in person or online, numerous activities at The Farrington offer something for every resident. Our associates are dedicated to maintaining not only the health and security of the Assisted Living and Memory Care residents they serve in Houston, but also to improving their emotional and social wellbeing. The following are just a few of the enjoyable events that have taken place at our community.

What do Seniors Have to Say about the Past?

For Labor Day, Houston Assisted Living seniors were invited to share the careers they enjoyed before retirement, and their stories were made into engaging videos. One participant, Sharon, was a high school teacher and junior college professor for 37 years. She had majored in history and foreign languages; this choice made it difficult for her to find a job, so she learned how to best educate the next generation of students by pursuing an additional major. After a short time as a student teacher, she “fell in love” with the career and received extraordinary guidance from her professors.

Similarly, during August—American Adventures Month—world-renowned geologist Peter Vail shared his experiences traveling around the world during his career at Exxon in which he taught short courses and consulted with other geologists. Out of all the countries he has visited, his favorite destination is Paris.

Want to Learn Remotely at Any Age?

Our seniors have become very familiar with technology during the pandemic. This month, they used it to learn about new techniques and tools to apply makeup through a Zoom video conference. In addition to speaking with their loved ones and participating in educational seminars on various topics through the platform, they have also learned to look their best while taking part in those activities! 

Where Else Can You Find Such an Array of Opportunities?

August 10th, National S’mores Day, was a great reason for Houston Assisted Living residents to relive comforting childhood memories. For the first time in many years, they gathered indoors around an electric s’mores maker and toasted skewered marshmallows with the help of staff members. The participants watched their marshmallows turn a delicious golden brown and appreciated the sweet aroma before assembling their authentic treats with graham crackers and chocolate bars.

Seniors at The Farrington gather for Virtual Pub Trivia every Friday and compete against over twenty other teams. Although they do their best to win, the residents are ultimately supportive of both their teammates and opponents. They value the games as opportunities to strengthen their minds while making new friends.

Our residents have also received support from unique companions. Leaders from Trinity Hospice sponsored a visit from BB and Clark, a horse and a dog. The friendly animals provided much-needed affection and kindness during a time of limited social interaction.

By speaking about their favorite parts of the past, learning through many sources, virtually visiting with family members, or participating in engaging activities, seniors at The Farrington continually have new and interesting opportunities in Houston. If you or your loved one would like to join our community of adventurous seniors and passionate team that provides them with remarkable experiences, please contact us today.

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