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Order Ready! Gizmo the Robot Joins Our Senior Living Dining Team

“It’s a wonderful blend of senior care technology and hospitality.”

Town Village Crossing is thrilled to announce a revolutionary new addition to its dining services team: Gizmo, a state-of-the-art robotic table runner. Affectionately named by a resident, Gizmo was introduced to the community on November 9 and has enhanced the dining experience for residents and team members.

Town Village Crossing | The dining team standing next to a server robot
Gizmo is proud to be part of our amazing team dining room team – and the feeling is mutual!

Gizmo Delivers Eight Meals at a Time

Gizmo zooms at an appropriate speed from the kitchen to the dining room, ensuring that hot meals are served promptly and efficiently. This amazing robot can deliver up to eight meals at a time to the dining room, where attentive team members personally serve residents.

“We’re excited about Gizmo,” says Polly Sherman, Executive Director of Town Village Crossing. “Our residents are already delighted by our new team member. Gizmo is not only streamlining our operations but also adds a touch of modern charm to our community.”

Gizmo is part of a new era of senior living technology. The autonomous robot allows Town Village Crossing’s dedicated dining room team to focus more on direct interactions with residents. Instead of rushing back and forth from the kitchen, servers get to spend more time ensuring each resident’s dining experience is pleasant, personalized, and fulfilling.

“By saving our team valuable time, Gizmo is essentially enhancing the level of service we offer our residents. It’s a wonderful blend of senior care technology and hospitality,” adds Polly.

Gizmo the Robot is Just the Beginning

Here are other examples of senior care technology that could help residents’ health and well-being in the future:

  • Smart toilets passively gather different wellness signs during use and deliver the information to caregiving teams.
  • Passive sensor technology is also at the forefront of technology for seniors. It’s effective for fall risk detection, with sensors that detect where someone is located in relation to the floor.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics can be used in sensors to detect when someone is trying to get out of bed; that can help older adults at higher risk for falls.

Town Village Crossing Sets the Standard for Independent Living

Town Village Crossing is an independent living community in Arlington, TX, offering residents a rich lifestyle centered around vibrant lifestyle programs, quality dining, and a caring, supportive environment. Through innovation and a deep sense of community, Town Village Crossing sets new standards to provide a superior independent living experience.

See Technology for Seniors in Action at Town Village Crossing in Arlington

As Gizmo becomes an integral part of the Town Village Crossing family, the community continues to prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of its residents. The seamless fusion of innovation and tradition is just one way we are redefining the concept of independent living.

Contact us to schedule a tour and see how proud we are of our senior care technology!

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