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How to Enjoy Life for Seniors During COVID

We at The Oaks of Inglewood in Stockton value our assisted living residents’ wellbeing and ability to share human connection. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has emboldened us to find new ways of meeting and surpassing these priorities, especially while considering how we can best care for seniors. Below is a selection of our residents’ most rewarding activities of the past few months.

Have You Seen Our Dance Moves?

For our “Throw-Down Challenge”, each resident and several associates from The Oaks danced to a cover of “Fight Song” to celebrate how hard they have fought to overcome the COVID pandemic’s challenges. Their dances were then compiled into an inspirational video!

How Are Our Seniors Being Creative?

The leader of a virtual art class drew a baby bulldog in white and blue markers on a black background while residents watched and were inspired to draw their own variations on paper with custom colors.

While we value structured activities, we also encourage our Assisted Living residents to pursue artistic interests that may be completely different from their peers’. We watched, for example, as one resident with the nickname “Billy Boy” drew his favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.

Crafting a Way to Find New Friends

Resident Tony picked up pinecones from the nearby outdoors and brought them to the community, which transformed the senior’s scavenger hunt into an art project. The seniors spread peanut butter into the pinecones’ scales and topped them with seeds to create bird feeders. They are fascinated by all the wildlife of Stockton and are grateful to live in such a scenic town.

What Have We Served on Special Occasions?

At The Oaks, we recognize that comforting, homemade food can bring people together during difficult times. That is why, on the first day of autumn, our associates rolled a cart embellished with seasonal decorations into the halls. It was filled with coffee and pumpkin scones made by Beth, the Dining Service Manager, to help our seniors look forward to the serenity of fall.

On a day when the temperature reached one hundred degrees in Stockton, Nita — The Oaks’ Life Enrichment Director — offered the staff and residents a break from the heat with her signature creation of Cambodian shaved ice. Those who enjoyed the drink began with their choice of toppings such as jackfruit, coconut jelly, and shredded coconut. They then added shaved ice and Sala- or Cream Soda-flavored syrup and topped it off with condensed milk!

In a similar act of appreciation, resident Bertha and Sister Theresa provided a lunch of pizza and soft drinks for the staff to celebrate their one year anniversary with The Oaks.

We’ve Given Isolation a Makeover

Because of her interest in musical icons of the past, our team encouraged Sister Theresa to perform her best Elvis impersonation. Associates had helped to dye her hair and provided dazzling props to make the experience seem even more authentic. The other residents were impressed by her renditions and even danced along.

One resident, Ernie, had wanted a haircut for his birthday. Even though the Oaks’ salon was still closed at that time, another named Tony made his wish come true! Our salon opened in mid-September, during which many other seniors were able to boost their self-confidence through new hairstyles.

Our Assisted Living residents are so thankful for their care team that they created a thoughtful banner to hang in the hallway. It says, “The staff of The Oaks at Inglewood is like a garden of roses. Beautiful when seen as a whole, while each seen as an individual rose, is also its own work of art.” We think this metaphor describes everyone from The Oaks! If you would like to join our welcoming community and participate in our enjoyable events, please contact us today.

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