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Everyone Gets to Be Part of the Community at Sun City West Assisted Living

At Sun City West Assisted Living in Arizona, Carrie Kaye, the Life Enrichment Director, stands as a beacon of joy and connection. Her journey from chilly Chicago to the welcoming embrace of Sun City West is not just a professional story but a tale of creating a home and community for herself and the senior living residents she serves.

A Dream Unveiled: Carrie’s Transformation From Social Worker to Life Enrichment Director

Carrie’s childhood dream since the age of 13 was to be a social worker. Armed with a master’s degree in social work, she took her skills across diverse industries, from working for the Up with People nonprofit group to organizing events for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to teaching water aerobics.

Sun City West Assisted Living | Life Enrichment Director
Carrie Kaye, the seasoned Life Enrichment Director at Sun City West Assisted Living

However, her career path took a sharp turn when she spoke with an Executive Director at a senior living community in Chicago. This Executive Director recognized her unique blend of people skills and experience, declaring her perfect for the role of Life Enrichment Director. For Carrie, it was a calling — an opportunity to bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of seniors.

“I like to make other people feel good and empowered,” Carrie explains.

One of her favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, and Carrie uses this as a guiding philosophy at work: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carrie Kaye’s Journey: From Chilly Chicago to Warm Sun City West

Carrie recently left behind her long-held job as a Life Enrichment Director in Chicago for the warmth of Arizona in search of a fresh start. Moving wasn’t just a professional decision but a personal quest for a new community and way of life. She started searching for roles in Arizona and eventually stumbled upon the Life Enrichment Director role at Sun City West Assisted Living.

“I thought, ‘I’m home,'” she recalls when she first set foot in Sun City West Assisted Living. The residents’ apparent happiness (they rave about the homey atmosphere and the food there), the team’s down-to-earth demeanor, and an overall positive atmosphere excited her to work here.

Carrie’s Dedication To Enriching Lives Through Diverse Activities

Sun City West | Activity board
The packed schedule of activities at Sun City West Assisted Living

Carrie’s commitment to creating a sense of belonging is evident in the diverse activities she organizes. From drumming circles to chair exercises, nickel bingo, and memory games, each event is designed to bring residents together, fostering connections and a shared sense of joy.

Her organized outings to play billiards and go to grocery stores, libraries, gardens, restaurants, zoos, and plays reflect a dedication to keeping residents entertained and engaged.

Sun City West: A Place To Call Home

As Carrie seeks to enrich the lives of the residents during their retirement, it’s clear that Sun City West Assisted Living is more than just a workplace for her; it’s a community she has come to love.

Her journey also represents the idea that community-building goes both ways. In the heart of Sun City West, where genuine connections are formed, Carrie is crafting a community where everyone, including herself, has found a place to call home.

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