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The Caring Chefs at The Farrington at Tanglewood

In the heart of the beautiful Tanglewood neighborhood of Houston, Texas, is The Farrington at Tanglewood, a senior living community offering assisted living and memory care services.

Renowned for its delectable cuisine, The Farrington at Tanglewood boasts a well-deserved reputation. But this community’s kitchen isn’t just about meals; it’s a special place where culinary expertise meets genuine connections.

Adolfo and Cole, dedicated chefs whose focus on kindness and empathy enriches the dining experience for residents, lead the kitchen.

Farrington at Tanglewood | Adolfo and Cole
Adolfo (left) and Cole (right) are the leaders of the kitchen at The Farrington at Tanglewood.

Adolfo: A Chef at The Community Since 1998

Farrington at Tanglewood | Adolfo
Adolfo was recently honored for his 26 years of service at The Farrington at Tanglewood.

Since 1998, Adolfo has been the cornerstone of The Farrington at Tanglewood’s culinary team. Despite changes in management since 1998, his love for cooking for seniors has kept him rooted. “I like everything about it,” he says.

Growing up in Peru, Adolfo’s passion for cooking was ignited in his mother’s restaurant, where he learned the art of preparing traditional Peruvian dishes. Since moving to America, Adolfo has embraced different cuisines, from Mexican to Indian, relishing Houston’s culinary diversity.

Cole: From Apprentice to Leader

Farrington at Tanglewood | Cole
Cole loves serving and saying hello to our resident, Joyce.

Cole’s culinary journey began at a young age in California, driven by a desire to support his single mother.

“Cooking is all I’ve ever known,” he reflects.

Starting as a kitchen apprentice at 14, Cole’s commitment to learning on the job shaped him into the skilled chef he is today. He credits his past mentors for fueling his passion.

Fostering Compassion in the Kitchen and Beyond

“Getting to fall in love with the residents has also been amazing,” says Cole. “You don’t get to see the same people at a restaurant every day, but you do at a senior living community.”

Cole loves being able to see the residents day in and day out. “They love you, and they love the food,” Cole explains. “It is very rewarding.” It’s a mutually beneficial relationship built on respect and appreciation.

Adolfo echoes this sentiment, stressing the importance of kindness in his interactions with team members and residents.

“I like old people,” he says with a smile. “My mother always taught me to be patient and kind with seniors.” He believes these qualities are essential for anyone pursuing a career in senior living.

Personalized Service: Nourishing Both Body and Soul

At The Farrington at Tanglewood, Adolfo and Cole prioritize personalized service, catering to the resident’s preferences and dietary needs.

Adolfo emphasizes gathering feedback and engaging with residents daily to ensure their culinary experience exceeds expectations. He adjusts portions to accommodate varying appetites, considering that many residents only want to eat a small portion.

Cole highlights their recent culinary innovations inspired by resident feedback. Taking risks, such as crafting a crostini appetizer with goat cheese, balsamic-roasted grapes, and basil, has yielded unexpected delights. “I never thought we could offer such dishes in senior living, but the residents love them!” Cole says.

Of course, perennial favorites among the residents include Adolfo’s famed fried chicken and Cole’s Caesar salad. Residents also love the seasonal feasts that Cole and Adolfo make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Accommodating Seniors’ Unique Needs

Many seniors have dysphagia or other disorders that make eating difficult. Adolfo estimates that about 50 percent of residents have difficulty eating. To address any health concerns caused by eating, they use food puree molds to ensure everyone can enjoy the meals.

Farrington at Tanglewood | Pureed meal
The pureed meals Adolfo, Cole, and their team have created are works of art.

Cole elaborates on the challenge of making pureed food appealing, stressing the significance of aesthetics in elevating the dining experience. They continuously hone their techniques to meet residents’ preferences better.

“It’s a continuous journey,” Cole remarks.

Recently, both Cole and Adolfo received praise for their success in making pureed dishes look not only appetizing but also delicious.

A Recipe for Compassionate Cuisine

In The Farrington at Tanglewood’s bustling kitchen, Adolfo and Cole have created a culture defined by compassion and kindness. Their culinary creations and interactions with residents embody their dedication to care.

“I’ve never felt such genuine care anywhere else,” reflects Cole.

Through their cooking, they forge connections, foster joy, and demonstrate the power of kindness and compassion.


Meet The Farrington at Tanglewood Through A Meal

Cole and Adolfo represent the best tasting parts of our assisted living and memory care community in Houston, Texas. We assure you there’s even more to love. Contact us to arrange a tour and lunch!

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