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Understanding the Cost of Living in Fort Worth, Texas for Seniors

While Florida and Arizona are popular retirement destinations, Fort Worth, Texas has its own unique appeal. The warm climate, with hot summers and mild winters, ensures plentiful sunshine and perfect weather for outdoor activities year-round. Seniors and their families also benefit from Fort Worth’s respected medical facilities and day trip-worthy nearby neighborhoods.

Chisholm Trail Estates | Seniors And Daughter Walking Outside
The cost of living in Fort Worth, Texas, at Chisholm Trail Estates, may be more affordable than you think.

Fort Worth living certainly has its perks, and if you are considering a move here, you’ll need to know if it’s within your budget. Here’s the good news: Its cost of living remains slightly below the national average.

Still, the best way to determine if this part of Texas is affordable is to break down the costs by category. The senior living experts at Chisholm Trail Estates are happy to share this important information.

But first, what’s it like to live here in Cowtown?

The Basics of Living in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, often referred to as “Cowtown,” offers a unique combination of urban living with a good helping of Western charm. The city has a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own character and varying price points.

Fort Worth, Texas, is not just a place to live; it’s a place to truly enjoy life, with a wide range of recreational activities and social events. There’s always something happening, from community parks and cultural festivals to leisure classes and sports clubs. Many of these free or low-cost activities provide excellent opportunities for seniors to stay active and engaged without breaking the bank.

Here are three free activities for senior citizens in Fort Worth:

  • The Fort Worth Botanic Garden offers free admission on select days of the year.
  • Seniors enjoy free admission to the Kimbell Art Museum’s permanent collection, featuring a diverse range of artwork from around the world.
  • The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a marvel of design and often hosts events.

An added perk of living in Fort Worth is its proximity to smaller, interesting towns like Keene. Just a short drive away, Keene offers a quaint, quieter lifestyle and is home to Chisholm Trail Estates. The cost of living here is slightly lower than in Fort Worth—and that is unarguably a good thing.

The Fort Worth Cost of Living Breakdown

Here’s an idea of what essential services average in Fort Worth:

  • Housing Costs. Housing is often the most significant expense in any budget. If you plan to live independently, renting an apartment can cost you between $850 to $1,200 per month for a modest one-bedroom. The median home price hovers around $280,000 for those considering buying a house.
  • Utilities and Services. Fort Worth’s electricity, heating, cooling, and water costs typically range from $120 to $160 per month. Internet services average around $60 per month. Compared to other major cities, these costs are relatively reasonable.
  • Groceries and Dining. Eating well forms an essential part of enjoying life. In Fort Worth, a senior living on a budget will find groceries to be very affordable, with prices for essentials like milk, bread, and vegetables often below the national average. Dining out is also reasonably priced, with a variety of restaurants offering delicious meals catering to different tastes and budgets.
  • Health care. This is a core consideration for seniors. Fort Worth has numerous reputable hospitals and medical facilities. The cost of health care services, including visits to a general practitioner, dental fees, and prescription medications, tends to mirror the national averages.
  • Transportation. Getting around Fort Worth is straightforward, whether you prefer to drive or use public transportation. The city has an efficient public transit system, with buses and the Trinity Railway Express providing affordable and accessible options. The average cost of public transportation is approximately $5 per day. For seniors who prefer to drive, gasoline prices are generally lower than the national average. Fort Worth is relatively easy to navigate by car.

The Cost of Fort Worth Senior Living Communities

How does the cost of living in Fort Worth, Texas, apply to senior living communities? As you can imagine, those averages vary based on the level of care and services provided. Independent living communities in Fort Worth typically range between $1,500 to $3,500 per month.

Assisted living facilities provide more comprehensive care and services, and their costs range from $3,000 to $5,000 per month.

Memory care has a higher monthly average of $5,980. That last median price reflects highly specialized caregiving and programming, plus enhanced security measures tailored to dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

Those numbers can seem high at first, but let’s dig deeper. Assisted living communities often prove more affordable than living at home by including comprehensive services like meals, housekeeping, health care, and social activities in one package. This consolidation reduces individual costs for utilities, groceries, home maintenance, and in-home care and can lead to significant overall savings.

Chisholm Trail Estates offers independent living starting at $1,985 and memory care starting at $4,000, with comfortable, pet-friendly floor plans ranging from 460 to 793 square feet. Here are some of the support services and amenities we offer:

  • Licensed nurse on staff
  • 24-hour staffing and emergency call system
  • Doctor on call and visiting nurse
  • Three family-style meals served daily – vegetarian and kosher available
  • Housekeeping services
  • Fishing pond stocked with bass
  • Beautician on-site
  • Wheelchair accessible showers
  • Free transportation
  • Visiting podiatrist, physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist
  • Respite and hospice available
  • Programs & activities
  • Social event calendar

Considering the Fort Worth cost of living, it is clear that this city supports a comfortable lifestyle and provides value for money. Keene is about 35 minutes south of Fort Worth and is an option for seniors seeking a peaceful, affordable place to call home.

Discover Chisholm Trail Estates: Your Ideal Senior Living Destination

Chisholm Trail Estates offers comfort, care, and an affordable cost of living, and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the best senior living. If you’re considering living in Fort Worth, schedule a tour and discover our exceptional care and comfort.

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