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Overland Park Attractions and Luxury Senior Assisted Living

Overland Park, Kansas, is a great city for seniors and their families. It’s full of life, with many green spaces and friendly people. Plus, it has some wonderful places for seniors to live that offer more than just a home. Supportive retirement homes in Kansas City make life easy and fun, with even more things to do right on your doorstep.

The luxury senior assisted living concept goes beyond mere accommodation; it encompasses a holistic approach to retirement that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and active living.

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | The eclipse was a major attraction for luxury senior assisted living residents in Overland Park, Kansas.
The eclipse was a major attraction for luxury senior assisted living residents in Overland Park, Kansas.

These Overland Park communities are designed with the senior lifestyle in mind. Their amenities and services ensure residents enjoy a high quality of life without sacrificing their independence or access to engaging local attractions.

Why are local attractions important for seniors? Getting out and about, trying new things, and seeing new places helps keep life exciting. It also benefits our health and makes us feel part of the community.

If you’re considering retirement near Kansas City, Glenwood Village of Overland Park has everything you want. Our neighborhood has much to offer, from parks to shops, restaurants, and entertainment. And they’re all senior-friendly.

Exploring Local Attractions in Overland Park

Outdoor activities significantly benefit seniors’ well-being by promoting relaxation and physical activity.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Parks and outdoor spaces icon

Our Kansas City suburb prides itself on its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, like the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. These serene landscapes are perfect for leisurely strolls and learning. Verhaeghe Park and Shawnee Mission Park are also favorites among locals for their accessible play structures and scenic walking paths.

Overland Park boasts other recreational activities, including golf courses and swimming pools, perfect for staying active. These are all suitable for seniors and their families.

Cultural and Recreational Centers

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Culture and rec center icon

The city is home to various museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions that welcome seniors to explore and learn.

The Matt Ross Community Center provides a range of senior-friendly activities and events. The Johnson County Museum is a hub for those fascinated by history and vintage signs.

Dining and Shopping Destinations

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Shopping and dining icon

For those who enjoy dining out, Lemongrass Thai Cuisine offers a senior-friendly menu that caters to various dietary needs, ensuring a delightful upscale dining experience.

Meanwhile, Revival Home Furnishings is perfect for shopping enthusiasts looking for an inspiring design outing. Or, stop by Kate Smith Soirée for luxurious sweet treats and baking classes.

Homer’s Coffee House is an excellent spot for enjoying a hot coffee after golf or shopping at The Old Mango.

Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Seniors and their families can enjoy classic films and festivals at The Glenwood Arts Theater. Watching films on the big screen is much more satisfying than at-home streaming services.

The New Theatre & Restaurant is an excellent choice for dinner and a Broadway show at the same time. Invite your family and friends to join in on the fun.

Topgolf also features fun for the whole family with a driving range, bar, and restaurant. Beginners or seasoned golfers can also take classes to improve their game.

Luxury Senior Living Communities

Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Senior living icon

Overland Park offers a variety of luxury senior retirement communities designed to meet the diverse needs of its residents.

Senior luxury living provides comfort, convenience, and access to all the local attractions mentioned, ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle for seniors and their families.

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Home Near Kansas City: A Guide for Seniors and Their Families

When selecting a retirement home, especially in areas around Kansas City, seniors and their families have many choices. Three primary examples are independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Each type of community offers a unique blend of amenities, care services, and lifestyle options.

Glenwood Village of Overland Park is a luxury senior assisted living community with an exemplary standard of living for those in their retirement years.

Key Features and Amenities of Glenwood Village of Overland Park

We distinguish senior luxury living with a long list of amenities that enhance residents’ quality of life.

Our community provides chef-prepared meals that cater to residents’ dietary needs and preferences and comfortable, elegant floor plans. The Glenwood Village of Overland Park caregiving team ensures that every detail contributes to a luxurious living experience.

Living assistance is readily available, providing respectful and empowering support with activities of daily living. That helps residents maintain their independence while having access to the help they need.

Exploring Assisted Living in Our Community

Assisted living at Glenwood Village of Overland Park is tailored to meet each resident’s needs. Our holistic approach to care focuses not only on physical health but also on emotional and social well-being.

Our community offers a vibrant schedule of activities, encouraging residents to engage in their hobbies, socialize, and stay active. This balanced approach to care ensures that residents enjoy a rich and engaging lifestyle.

Our Signature Connections Memory Care Program

We offer the Connections memory care program for families seeking specialized care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. This innovative program provides a supportive environment that respects individual dignity while addressing unique needs.

Connections enhances the quality of life for residents with memory care needs through personalized care plans and evidence-based activities.

Making Glenwood Village Your Home

Choosing a retirement community is a significant decision that impacts not just the senior in question but their entire family. Glenwood Village of Overland Park represents a community seniors can proudly call home. With comprehensive care services, upscale amenities, and dedicated team members, we’re setting a new standard for retirement living near Kansas City.

Whether you’re interested in assisted living, memory care, or simply seeking a supportive retirement community that values your independence and well-being, Glenwood Village of Overland Park offers an unmatched living experience. With the support of long-term care insurance, residents enjoy peace of mind, knowing their needs will be met now and in the future.


After Exploring Overland Park, Visit Luxury Senior Assisted Living

When exploring senior living options in Kansas City, consider what matters most to you or your loved one. Communities like Glenwood Village of Overland Park promise a comfortable, luxurious living environment and a supportive and enriching lifestyle for all residents.

Contact us to arrange a personal tour and lunch experience!

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