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The Benefits of Evidence-Based Programs for Seniors

When the time comes to relocate to memory care, knowing about the available resources can be a blessing. However, some senior communities are better suited for this than others.

Washington State is home to 553 assisted living facilities; over half of those residents have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Assisted living extends seniors’ independence, while memory care communities offer evidence-based programs for seniors.

North Point Village | Resident at a memory care facility petting a rooster
This friendly rooster really knows how to make residents in our Spokane memory care community laugh!

Senior communities like North Point Village offer memory care services for residents with cognitive impairment. This is a higher level of support than independent or assisted living. It focuses on high-quality, purpose-driven senior care.

Let’s narrow down your options for dementia care communities and memory care facilities in Spokane, WA.

Comparing Memory Care Facilities to Communities

The landscape of senior living is evolving, and a dynamic transformation is underway. We’re witnessing a significant shift from calling them “facilities” to the more vibrant concept of communities.

Nursing Home Facilities

While “facility” may evoke a clinical and impersonal atmosphere, “community” embodies a warm, inviting environment that emphasizes connection and shared experiences. Facilities work toward specific medical outcomes; nursing homes are an example of this. These medically-based facilities use rigorous rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. That enables short-term patients to return to living independently.

Long-term nursing home residents receive comprehensive, round-the-clock, high-level medical services. Skilled nursing facilities also benefit individuals living with chronic conditions who cannot live independently in any capacity.

Senior Living Communities

Assisted living or memory care communities help seniors enjoy a higher quality of life. Enrichment programs, helpful services, and amenities like housekeeping reduce the possibility of avoidable accidents. These communities can keep your loved one out of a nursing home.

​Evidence-based programs for seniors with dementia help these residents live their best lives. Despite living with memory loss, older adults can rediscover purpose and find relief at memory care communities.

Nutritious food also plays a vital role in supporting cognitive function and overall well-being for individuals with dementia. Our welcoming dining room offers a variety of delicious, brain-healthy food for our residents.

What are evidence-based programs for seniors with dementia?

The Connections program for memory care is available in Spokane, Washington, at North Point Village. It is inspired by Dr. Sandra Petersen, who had a stroke over ten years ago. That experience led her to discover the effects of neuroplasticity treatments.

What is neuroplasticity? It refers to the brain’s ability to adapt, change, and form new neural pathways despite the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Dr. Petersen experienced memory loss and mobility changes. She challenged her brain and body by learning ballroom dancing and studying Spanish. Dr. Petersen overcame the effects of her stroke and was inspired to explore their uses in dementia care.

“If it could work post-stroke, why couldn’t the same idea of neuroplasticity work in memory care? And so I began thinking about how I might be able to take those neuroplastic concepts, those of connecting through emotions, moving and providing new information to retain and gain skills.”

– Dr. Sandra Petersen

Connections Memory Care: Our Evidence-Based Program for Seniors

Up to 40 percent of seniors with Alzheimer’s experience depression due to behavioral pattern changes, memory loss symptoms, and sleep difficulties. Keeping them active and socially connected increases self-esteem and positive outcomes.

The evidence-based memory care community at North Point Village helps seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia find purpose. Our residents experience less agitation and anxiety by remaining active and having tasks to complete.

The Connections program relies on four practice categories to increase residents’ quality of life:

  1. Supporting Socialization
  2. Engaging the Emotions
  3. Encouraging Movement
  4. Challenging the Brain

1. Supporting Socialization

​​Building new relationships helps our residents establish a sense of belonging and community. The secure environment at North Point Village invites seniors out of their apartments and into comfortable indoor and outdoor areas.

The Connections program supports socialization with:

2. Engaging the Emotions

Emotional change is a common sign of dementia, so our specialized team members provide appealing activities that encourage participation. Expressing emotions helps lessen the anxiety and confusion that come with memory loss.

When words are hard to come by, our residents can choose to engage their emotions through:

  • Gardening
  • Sculpture
  • Painting

3. Encouraging Movement

Encouraging elevated heart rates and movement aids seniors with dementia in forming new neural pathways around brain damage. Seated exercises promote physical activity for improved daily living.

To keep our memory care residents moving, we encourage movement with:

4. Challenging the Brain

Learning is a lifelong process that we encourage. Challenging the brain with puzzles or new concepts is an excellent way to help form new neural pathways.

Our residents challenge the brain with:

  • Word games and trivia
  • Music and dancing
  • Storytelling and recall therapies


We Celebrate Lives with Kindness and Integrity

If you are searching facilities for memory care in Spokane, we understand the challenges of supporting someone with dementia. Our evidence-based memory care is available to help seniors and family members in the Spokane area.

North Point Village would like to honor your loved one’s life with our signature Connections memory care program. Our calm and secure community lets people living with dementia express themselves and feel purpose. Contact us to arrange a tour.

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